Florida Lobstering

Lobster Nets

The first net has a squared head and is deep. The reason for the squared head is because you will be placing it against objects like the ground and rocks. A rounded head would leave a void which the lobster could escape though. Once in the net, these bugs love to haul butt. They move very slowly forward but when scared can move quite quickly backwards. If your net is shallow, they will simply shoot them selves right in and then out of the lobster net. The deeper the net the better chance you have of keeping the lobster in it. The second net is rounded, small, and the actual net is shallow. I have bent it more square over the years, but as you can see it was once round. I recommend spending a few extra dollars and getting your self a larger, deeper, squared net. There is nothing worse then catching a great big florida lobster and watching him shoot out of your net because it was too small.


How to Catch a Florida Lobster
  There are numerous ways and techniques to catch a Florida Spiny lobster. I will go over a few of the ways I do it. Before you attempt to catch a Florida lobster, you need to understand their behavior.