Florida Lobstering
How to Measure Florida Lobsters

Any time you want to catch your own lobsters, you need to follow certain rules and regulations as defined by the Florida Fish And Wildlife Conservation Commission.

An essential tool to have with you at all times, is a lobster measuring tool called a gauge.

According to regulations, the lobsters must be measured immediately after being caught and before taking them out of the water. There is one exception to this rule. If a bully net is used, the measurements may be taken on the boat.

The minimum size as outlined by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is established to monitor and control the Florida lobster population. A lobster with a carapace or body measuring at least 3 inches would be 2-3 years old and old enough to have reproduced at least one season.

After correctly measuring the lobster, it needs to be immediately released or added to your daily catch limit.

Details of Correctly Measuring a Florida Lobster:

Place the front of the measuring gauge on the front of the carapace in between the eyes and slide the gauge back until it stops. This marks the front point of the measurement. The example below is a legal catch as the carapace extends past the end of the 3 inch mark on the gauge.


The picture of the lobster measurement below shows the gauge extending past the carapace. If the gauge were positioned correctly between the eyes, this lobster would be too short.


How to Clean a Florida Lobster
  Freshly caught lobsters, ready to clean. We give you quick and easy instructions for cleaning your Florida Lobsters.